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Business Organization, Nature of Operations and Risks and Uncertainties

Business Organization, Nature of Operations and Risks and Uncertainties
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2020
Organization, Consolidation and Presentation of Financial Statements [Abstract]  
Business Organization, Nature of Operations and Risks and Uncertainties



Organization and Operations


Through its subsidiaries, Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc. (“Company”, “GGH”), a Delaware corporation that was incorporated on April 5, 1999, currently invests in, develops, and operates a collection of luxury assets, including real estate development, fine wines, and a boutique hotel in Argentina, as well as an e-commerce platform for the sale of high-end fashion and accessories.


As wholly owned subsidiaries of GGH, InvestProperty Group, LLC (“IPG”) and Algodon Global Properties, LLC (“AGP”) operate as holding companies that invest in, develop and operate global real estate and other lifestyle businesses such as wine production and distribution, golf, tennis, and restaurants. GGH operates its properties through its ALGODON® brand. IPG and AGP have invested in two ALGODON® brand projects located in Argentina. The first project is Algodon Mansion, a Buenos Aires-based luxury boutique hotel property that opened in 2010 and is owned by the Company’s subsidiary, The Algodon – Recoleta, SRL (“TAR”). The second project is the redevelopment, expansion and repositioning of a Mendoza-based winery and golf resort property now called Algodon Wine Estates (“AWE”), the integration of adjoining wine producing properties, and the subdivision of a portion of this property for residential development. GGH also holds a 79% ownership interest in its subsidiary Gaucho Group, Inc. (“GGI”) which began operations in 2019 for the distribution and sale of high-end luxury fashion and accessories through an e-commerce platform. On March 20, 2020, the Company formed a wholly-owned subsidiary, Bacchus Collection, Inc., which is still in the concept stage for the production of elegant wine and bar essentials.


Risks and Uncertainties


In December 2019, the 2019 novel coronavirus (“COVID-19”) surfaced in Wuhan, China. The World Health Organization declared the outbreak as a global pandemic in March 2020. Recently, we temporarily closed our corporate office, as well as our hotel, restaurant, winery operations, and golf and tennis operations. Further, the outsourced factories which Gaucho ordered products have closed, borders for importing product have been impacted and the Gaucho fulfillment center is also closed. In response, we have reduced costs by negotiating out of our New York lease, renegotiating with our vendors, and implementing salary reductions. We have also created an e-commerce platform for our wine sales in response to the pandemic. On October 19, 2020, we re-opened our winery and golf and tennis facilities with COVID-19 measures implemented. Most recently, we reopened the Algodon Mansion as of November 11, 2020 with COVID-19 measures implemented. Additionally, the construction on homes were temporarily halted from March to September but has resumed. The Company is continuing to monitor the outbreak of COVID-19 and the related business and travel restrictions, and changes to behavior intended to reduce its spread, and the related impact on the Company’s operations, financial position and cash flows, as well as the impact on its employees. Due to the rapid development and fluidity of this situation, the magnitude and duration of the pandemic and its impact on the Company’s future operations and liquidity is uncertain as of the date of this report. While there could ultimately be a material impact on operations and liquidity of the Company, at the time of issuance, the impact could not be determined.


Reverse Stock Split


A 15:1 reverse stock split of the Company’s common stock was effected on February 16, 2021 (the “Reverse Stock Split”). All share and per share information has been retroactively adjusted to give effect to the Reverse Stock Split for all periods presented, unless otherwise indicated.